Useful Tools and Gadgets

If weight loss is one of your goals in your alkaline electric lifestyle journey…

…then aside from eating the right plant based alkaline electric foods and incorporating medicinal herbs into your diet, progress tracking and exercise is essential.

An acidic meat-heavy diet high in processed low-nutrition foods often leads to a steady increase in weight over time and the risk of contracting chronic diseases such as Type II diabetes or high blood pressure.

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Tracking your weight loss and keeping a good exercise regime at home can be aided by useful tools, gadgets and apps.

These are two essential tools recommended to support your weight reduction plan:

1. Smart Scale

A digital scale that is WiFi and / or Bluetooth enabled will allow you to sync your weight and sometimes other body analysis measurements directly to your mobile device and / or PC.

This makes tracking and recording of key weight loss metrics quick, easy and hassle-free.

All you need to do is step on the scale daily, every other day or weekly and voila, measurements are recorded on the scale’s compatible health tracking app.

There is a wide range of digital smart scales on the market, varying in price and features.

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Key features to look for are an easy to read weight measurement and Body Mass Index (BMI) analysis…

…but other features such as measuring

  • Heart Rate,
  • Fat Percentage,
  • Water Retention,
  • Bone Mass or…

…allowing multiple users (very useful for families) and option to use of pregnancy mode.

So, here are two great digital smart scales that you can use to track your weight, BMI, heart rate:

Nokia Body Cardio

This is a sleek and travel friendly WiFi enabled smart scale that automatically syncs to the free Health Mate app, provides instant feedback on a digital display screen:

  • Tracks your Heart health
  • Measures your full body composition (weight, fat mass, water percentage, muscle and bone mass).
  • Best-in-class accuracy on any surface.
  • Suitable for both iOS and Android.
  • Available in black and white colours.
  • Allows multiple users (up to 8).

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If you are looking for a budget model of the Nokia Body Cardio scale, the Nokia Body scale has many of the same features except it measures weight and BMI rather than your full body composition…

Nokia Body (the Budget model)

  • a sleek and travel friendly WiFi enabled smart scale;
  • syncs to the free Health Mate app to track your weight and BMI trends;
  • tracks steps and heart rate; and
  • allows up to 8 users.

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2.  Exercise machine

Changing from an acidic meat based diet to an alkaline vegan diet puts you on the right path to achieve your weight loss goals.

in addition to reducing excess mucus and healing your body, an alkaline electric lifestyle increased energy and vitality, however…

to speed up weight loss, boost energy levels and gain additional health benefits, incorporating an exercise regime into your weight loss programme is highly recommended.

If you are not a fan of gyms or…

…if you find it inconvenient and expensive to visit a gym on a daily basis, investing in ONE good quality weight loss machine to give you a total body workout in the comfort of your own home, the simple rowing machine might be a great choice for you.

Why the ROWING MACHINE is such a great at home exercise machine for a total body cardio workout.

  • works out and tones both the lower and upper body.
  • builds more muscle than machines such as the treadmill whilst providing a similarly intense cardio workout.
  • encourages improved heart health with a 20 to 30 minute moderate or high intensity workouts
  • strengthens muscle endurance to perform numerous, rhythmic, back to back repetitions
  • improves coordination of arms and legs.
  • low impact on joints whilst achieving a highly intense workout.
  • easier to fold and store a rowing machine when it is not in use than machines such as the treadmill or the elliptical.
  • Beginners should take heed to maintaining the correct posture throughout the rowing workout (note the catch , finish, drive and recovery).

Our Favourite Rower is the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

This high performance rowing machine has been dubbed the “industry standard” used by elite athletes for training.

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  • Fan resistance system (air resistance increases your control over your workout)
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Performance monitor can be used to store all your workouts and track key metrics such as heart rate (additional accessories required)
  • Easy to set up (illustrative manual)
  • Easy to use (suitable for beginner rowers)
  • Smooth and relatively quiet rowing machine
  • Great online rowing community available for motivation and inspiration
  • Reported improvements in cardiovascular and lung capacity
  • Expensive warranty period and spare parts guarantees available

The Recommended Budget Version:  JLL® R200 Luxury Home rowing machine

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Of course it does not have the same quality and performance as the Concept2 however it provides a good total body rowing workout at a much lower price…

  • Relatively inexpensive at less than £200!
  • Smooth to use and quiet.
  • 10 levels of magnetic resistance (less control than Concept2 but 10 levels provide adjustable resistance for an effective workout for beginners and experienced rowers).
  • LCD personal monitor to track workout.
  • Overall a good value for money rowing machine.

These are just two of the gadgets that have helped me on my journey in 2018. Following a new alkaline vegan diet coupled with 30 minutes of rowing at least 5 days a week has already started doing wonders for my health and waste-line!

Good luck on your journey!

Lots of love,