About Me


Linda Evans here…

I created this alkaline electric vegan blog to share my journey and help others who are also seeking a healthy and mucus-free lifestyle based on Dr. Sebi’s principles.

By the age of 32, I was extremely unhealthy!

High blood pressure, borderline super obese, dry patch skin, damaged hair and teeth…

I had started blood pressure medication daily and was faring very badly because I’m awful when it comes to taking pills.

It didn’t help that I have a bit of an aversion to the Dr’s waiting room and an affinity to natural and organic living.

do you want to live an alkaline electric lifestyle, do you want to heal yourself naturally, heal your body naturally,After learning about Dr Sebi’s Alkaline Vegan Way, the harmful effects of acidic diets that cause excess mucus in the body and reading the life changing book on healing herbs and remedies for reversing disease, I changed to a plant-based diet, boosted by a regime of essential and powerful healing herbs.

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